Help Us Help You!

Are you an Author? Business Owner? Etsy Shop Owner?
Do you need to promote something or want to wish someone a Happy Birthday through a True Crime podcast?!
WELLLLLLLL now you can let us run ads for YOU!
Find Us On Fiverr
We have options for 4 different ADs for you!
1 ad, 2 ads, 3 ads or 4ds and they will ALL run in different episodes.
They run as follows-
1 ad – 1 episode.
2 ads – 2 episodes.
3 ads – 3 episodes.
4 ads – 4 episodes.

When you purchase an ad we will make the ad and then tell you exactly what dates your ads will air and what episodes they will be in so you know what to expect and when.
It’s so fun – we have thousands of listeners and we want to help YOU get exposed!

The options we have now – but you can request a quote on our page as well!

Catch up on past episodes to see what we do and how good our ads sound –

We can’t wait to work with you!

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