#29 – Teetering Between Good and Evil

Welcome to episode 29 where YET AGAIN we are talking about a cult
I say yet again like we’ve talked about them all the time but it’s only our second one.
So I guess I’ll say “SURPRISE A NEW CULT!”

Today we discuss Jim Jones and Jonestown.
I didn’t know a TON about Jim Jones before I read up on him but I do know he’s an odd duck.
Once you start thinking he’s good you see him do something horrible and vice versa.

Well… he did!


May be a black-and-white image of 1 person and outdoors

He was a monster in the end – and we all saw it coming.
It’s sad to see because the Jonestown massacre was one of the most devastating heartbreaks in history.
Right up until 9/11 this held top tier for most people that died in one massacre.
Listen below or find us on your favorite podcast app!

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