#34 – Haunted Rivers, Restaurants, and Homes

Ahhhh ghosts!
We’re finally talking about ghosts!
A lot of you missed the haunted part of our name so I thought it was time – and we’re talking about ghosts near us so we know SOME stuff already! LOL
If only I had witnessed some of these ghosts myself but so far I haven’t – but they are familiar!

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Today we discuss hauntings in Cape Girardeau, MO.
Homes, Restaurants, Rivers, and so much more!
Some of them YOU have probably seen before too if you watch Ghost Hunters!

#34 is a good, fun one – and we’re glad you’r here!

#33 – Killer clowns Bring Me Nightmares

Honestly – I’ve never liked clowns and when I learned of Gacy …. whenever I learned of him then I knew clowns were a definite no go.
Not a fan of clowns.

Gacy – AKA Pogo the Clown

He not only had ONE clown persona but two.
Pogo was a nice clown and Patches was the darker clown persona.
I mean if that’s not creepy then I don’t know what is.

But he was a smart man with a good work ethic and he did work hard for his life – he just also made some bad, bad, bad decision….. really bad.
He is one of the most known serial killers but his story always just blows my mind.

Come hear what we have to say about Gacy and why I hate clowns forever and ever.

Kristin Smart Update 1&2

Lately the Kristin Smart case has been a hot topic of conversation – especially in the last few months.
We’ve got TWO updates for you on what’s been happening with this case from 1996!

If you’d like to read and learn more about Kristin head to https://www.kristinsmart.org/ – you can also donate to the Kristin Smart Scholarship and share a tip if you have one!

#32 – Dahmer, Dahmer, Jeffrey Dahmer

It’s finally time we talked about one of the most famous serial killers – Jeffrey Dahmer.

Jeffrey Dahmer's Childhood: A Pail of Animal Bones Was His Toy Rattle - A&E

He killed 17 men in his active years as a serial killer and he definitely had a system.
He knew what he was doing and he did it.
That was what he was known for, right?
Everyone knows the name Dahmer – but does everyone know what he was about? Listen and find out!

Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer, also known as the Milwaukee Cannibal or the Milwaukee Monster, was a convicted American serial killer and sex offender who committed the murder and dismemberment of 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991…. but what was his early life like, or his jobs?
We’ll tell you all about it!

#31 – The Disappearance of Kristin Smart

We already did a blog post about Kristin so we won’t bombard you again – but we DID do a podcast episode about her now because it’s been weighing on Ashli’s heart and head for a while and she wanted to get more information out there and more people to hear her story.

We think her story needs to be heard because we are hoping her case is solved soon.
Kristin has been missing since 1996 and her case is STILL open and active today!

#30 – Oozing Walls and Murder Sprees

Well we try to keep up with the news… and when we do we get new episodes we didn’t expect to talk about yet!
Enter the death of Robert Defeo Jr. aka the man who killed his whole family and started the Amityville Horror story.

Ronald DeFeo, Killer in Amityville Horror Case, Dies | PEOPLE.com
Robert himself.
The Real Story Behind Amityville Horror House | Ronald DeFeo Jr Biography -  YouTube
Robert’s mug shot and the house.

After the crimes and sometime later another family bought the house and said paranormal activity was a LARGE factor in them staying for a short period of time.
We talk about all of the above!
The murders, the mystery and the paranormal!
And maybe even discuss if the paranormal is true or not!

Find us anywhere you listen to podcast!

#29 – Teetering Between Good and Evil

Welcome to episode 29 where YET AGAIN we are talking about a cult
I say yet again like we’ve talked about them all the time but it’s only our second one.
So I guess I’ll say “SURPRISE A NEW CULT!”

Today we discuss Jim Jones and Jonestown.
I didn’t know a TON about Jim Jones before I read up on him but I do know he’s an odd duck.
Once you start thinking he’s good you see him do something horrible and vice versa.

Well… he did!


May be a black-and-white image of 1 person and outdoors

He was a monster in the end – and we all saw it coming.
It’s sad to see because the Jonestown massacre was one of the most devastating heartbreaks in history.
Right up until 9/11 this held top tier for most people that died in one massacre.
Listen below or find us on your favorite podcast app!

#28 – Axe Murderer Unknown

For starters – I keep spelling axe like “ax” and I have no idea why.
You never would have known that had I not told you but I felt it needed to be known.

Shrugging GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

Todays episode is about an unknown axe murderer from 1912!
YEA!!! The same year the Titanic sank.
Who knew?!

Titanic GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

I had never heard of it before – probably because I am obsessed with the Titanic so 1912 takes up time in my head for the Titanic and the Titanic ONLY but it made room for this unsolved case.
You’re welcome.

So this case is a case about a family that was murdered in their home – by an axe – and they have NO idea who did it.
They had plenty of suspects but – nada.
It’s a short, easy listen but it’s definitely interesting!
Let us know what you think!

#27 – A Cold Case For The Books

Episode 27 is out and it’s a case from none other than our home state – Missouri.
It’s the cold case of Gina Dawn Brooks.

Gina went missing in 1989 in Fredricktown, MO and it’s one of the biggest cold cases and cases in MO to date.
Gina went out after her brothers ball game and was riding her bike late at night. She went to meet up with her Boyfriend and his friend and a few moments after that she got taken by some people in a station wagon and has not been seen since.

May be an image of child and standing
Picture of Gina that they used most for flyers and papers.
May be an image of 1 person and text
One of the papers where the men who were suspected confessed.

The case remains cold to this day.
There were charges pressed on one of the people suspected but as of 2020 they had been dropped.
Listen to our episode to learn more and hear about all the suspects they have/had.

Tips are still coming in daily – you will here in this episode how to give a tip if you have any information.

Head to www.marriagehauntingsmurder.com/listen to find all the places you can hear us!

#26 – The Kansas City Butcher

Today we talk about someone with two names – the Collector and the Kansas City Butcher…. a Serial Killer from Missouri named Robert Berdella Jr.  
And we will go ahead and say this…

Image result for warning graphic content gif

This episode contains some GRAPHIC CONTENT and if you are not okay with hearing that then maybe this isn’t the episode for you!

Robert was known for torture, rape and so much more for his victims… and like I said before – it gets rough.
He showed no remorse for his victims calling them “playtoys” and he didn’t care how much he hurt them he just kept doing what he wanted.
He is definitely one of the worst ones we’ve talked about.

Image result for Robert Berdella

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If you’re okay with listening to gruesome stories then listen away and see what Robert was up to for a few years before being put in the Missouri State Pen!


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