Spotlight Sunday – Ted Bundy

Welcome to our NEW Sunday blog – Spotlight Sunday!
I (Ashli) am going to spotlight ONE serial killer each Sunday and share with you some of my favorite books and things to learn more about him that you can get for yourself or your true crime loving friend!
So of COURSE I had to start with none other than Ted Bundy!

First up is a book written by Elizabeth Kendall that I didn’t even realize had been updated and now I need to get one for myself – because it looks AMAZING – and it’s called “The Phantom Prince -My Life With Ted Bundy”

The Phantom Prince – My Life With Ted Bundy

This updated, expanded edition of The Phantom Prince, Elizabeth Kendall’s 1981 memoir detailing her six-year relationship with serial killer Ted Bundy, includes a new introduction and a new afterword by the author, never-before-seen photos, and a startling new chapter from the author’s daughter, Molly, who has not previously shared her story. Bundy is one of the most notorious serial killers in American history and one of the most publicized to this day. However, very rarely do we hear from the women he left behind—the ones forgotten as mere footnotes in this tragedy. The Phantom Prince chronicles Elizabeth Kendall’s intimate relationship with Ted Bundy and its eventual unraveling. As much as has been written about Bundy, it’s remarkable to hear the perspective of people who shared their daily lives with him for years. This gripping account presents a remarkable examination of a charismatic personality that masked unimaginable darkness.


This one technically I don’t think you can LEARN about Serial Killers but…. it’s awesome LOL!

Serial Killer Coloring Book!

A Serial Killer coloring book! I mean, we all have go get this now, right?

If you’re talking about Ted Bundy then you ALWAYS have to mention Ann Rule who wrote the infamous book “The Stranger Beside Me

The Stranger Beside Me

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Ann Rule, “America’s best true-crime writer” (Kirkus Reviews), her unforgettable classic account of the horrifying murders in the Pacific Northwest and her shock when she discovered her friend—Ted Bundy—was not only a suspect but also one of the most prolific serial killers in American history.


And you can’t mention Ted Bundy without mentioning Kevin Sullivan. Now he has a SERIES of books about Bundy but this one is the highest rated and the most informative. There are many options when it comes to Kevin’s writing so you may want to look into his other books as well.

THE BUNDY MURDERS – A Comprehensive History

In this revised, updated and expanded edition, the author explores the life of Theodore Bundy, one of the more infamous–and flamboyant–American serial killers on record. Bundy’s story is a complex mix of psychopathology, criminal investigation, and the U.S. legal system. This in-depth examination of Bundy’s life and his killing spree that totaled dozens of victims is drawn from legal transcripts, correspondence and interviews with detectives and prosecutors. Using these sources, new information about several murders is unveiled. The biography follows Bundy from his broken family background to his execution in the electric chair.


Are there any other books you have read about Bundy that you’d like to share with the rest of the class? LOL!
Comment and let us know what you like to read and what your favorite Ted book is! I need to add more to my reading list!


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True Crime Book Recommendations!

Yessss we all love to read, right?
Well I’ve got a list for you true crime lovers and these books are goooooood!
Let’s jump in, shall we?

Mindhunter – click the title to shop this book!

Mindhunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit by John E ...

Discover the classic, behind-the-scenes chronicle of John E. Douglas’ twenty-five-year career in the FBI Investigative Support Unit, where he used psychological profiling to delve into the minds of the country’s most notorious serial killers and criminals.

The Stranger Beside Me – click the title to shop this book!

The Stranger Beside Me by Ann Rule, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Ann Rule, “America’s best true-crime writer” (Kirkus Reviews), her unforgettable classic account of the horrifying murders in the Pacific Northwest and her shock when she discovered her friend—Ted Bundy—was not only a suspect but also one of the most prolific serial killers in American history.

I’ll Be Gone In The Dark – click the title to shop this book!

I'll Be Gone in the Dark: One Woman's Obsessive Search for the ...

For more than ten years, a mysterious and violent predator committed fifty sexual assaults in Northern California before moving south, where he perpetrated ten sadistic murders. Then he disappeared, eluding capture by multiple police forces and some of the best detectives in the area.

Three decades later, Michelle McNamara, a true crime journalist who created the popular website, was determined to find the violent psychopath she called “the Golden State Killer.” Michelle pored over police reports, interviewed victims, and embedded herself in the online communities that were as obsessed with the case as she was.

I’ll Be Gone in the Dark—the masterpiece McNamara was writing at the time of her sudden death—offers an atmospheric snapshot of a moment in American history and a chilling account of a criminal mastermind and the wreckage he left behind. It is also a portrait of a woman’s obsession and her unflagging pursuit of the truth. Utterly original and compelling, it has been hailed as a modern true crime classic—one which fulfilled Michelle’s dream: helping unmask the Golden State Killer.

In Cold Blood – click the title to shop this book!

In Cold Blood: Truman Capote: 9780679745587: Books

On November 15, 1959, in the small town of Holcomb, Kansas, four members of the Clutter family were savagely murdered by blasts from a shotgun held a few inches from their faces. There was no apparent motive for the crime, and there were almost no clues. 

As Truman Capote reconstructs the murder and the investigation that led to the capture, trial, and execution of the killers, he generates both mesmerizing suspense and astonishing empathy. In Cold Blood is a work that transcends its moment, yielding poignant insights into the nature of American violence.

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