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Spotlight Sunday – Ourselves!

Weird, right?But when you’re your own blog owner then you can spotlight yourself and it’s just fine! So now we shall show you what we’ve been up to! We’ve got some new merch!!! https://teespring.com/stores/mhm-podcast and you can find it all at this link!We’ve got… Continue Reading “Spotlight Sunday – Ourselves!”

Episode 5 – Checkout Time Is Never

I’ve always been fascinated with scary stories and ghosts.It’s neat right, because why does this happen? Why are they still here and what do they want?SO this week for Episode 5 we decided to talk about none other than the Stanley Hotel in Colorado!… Continue Reading “Episode 5 – Checkout Time Is Never”

Episode 2 – Call St. Michael, the Demons are Here

Episode 2 is out and it’s a doozy!It’s real, it’s scary and it’s a story we ALL know! THE TRUE STORY OF THE EXORCIST!!! AHHHHHIt’s crazy because it only happed a few hours from where I am from – wild!And the house he lived… Continue Reading “Episode 2 – Call St. Michael, the Demons are Here”

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