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Kristin Smart Update 1&2

Lately the Kristin Smart case has been a hot topic of conversation – especially in the last few months.We’ve got TWO updates for you on what’s been happening with this case from 1996! If you’d like to read and learn more about Kristin head… Continue Reading “Kristin Smart Update 1&2”

#31 – The Disappearance of Kristin Smart

We already did a blog post about Kristin so we won’t bombard you again – but we DID do a podcast episode about her now because it’s been weighing on Ashli’s heart and head for a while and she wanted to get more information… Continue Reading “#31 – The Disappearance of Kristin Smart”

Kristin Smart

This case really sticks with me – and has for a long time – but there HAS been recent updates kind of and we need to talk about it! If you aren’t aware of Kristin Smart let me fill you in real fast. Kristin… Continue Reading “Kristin Smart”

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