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#27 – A Cold Case For The Books

Episode 27 is out and it’s a case from none other than our home state – Missouri.It’s the cold case of Gina Dawn Brooks. Gina went missing in 1989 in Fredricktown, MO and it’s one of the biggest cold cases and cases in MO… Continue Reading “#27 – A Cold Case For The Books”

Minisode 1 – Elisa Lam and the Cecil Hotel

As you know if you love true crime – the Crime Scene The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel dropped today on Netflix. It’s 4 episodes and we’ve already finished them….AND we made our FIRST Minisode about it!Ahhhhhh. But really – this story has always… Continue Reading “Minisode 1 – Elisa Lam and the Cecil Hotel”

#21 – Thanksgiving Kidding and Unsolved Crime

AHHH!!!! Yes we made it to episode 21 but also we have big news!WE ARE ON PANDORA NOW!!!https://www.pandora.com/podcast/marriage-hauntings-and-murder/PC:43552HOW EXCITED ARE YOU?! I mean we are THRILLED!!!It’s such a big platform and we’re glad to be there. Now onto episode 21.This episode is about a… Continue Reading “#21 – Thanksgiving Kidding and Unsolved Crime”

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