#27 – A Cold Case For The Books

Episode 27 is out and it’s a case from none other than our home state – Missouri.
It’s the cold case of Gina Dawn Brooks.

Gina went missing in 1989 in Fredricktown, MO and it’s one of the biggest cold cases and cases in MO to date.
Gina went out after her brothers ball game and was riding her bike late at night. She went to meet up with her Boyfriend and his friend and a few moments after that she got taken by some people in a station wagon and has not been seen since.

May be an image of child and standing
Picture of Gina that they used most for flyers and papers.
May be an image of 1 person and text
One of the papers where the men who were suspected confessed.

The case remains cold to this day.
There were charges pressed on one of the people suspected but as of 2020 they had been dropped.
Listen to our episode to learn more and hear about all the suspects they have/had.

Tips are still coming in daily – you will here in this episode how to give a tip if you have any information.

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#26 – The Kansas City Butcher

Today we talk about someone with two names – the Collector and the Kansas City Butcher…. a Serial Killer from Missouri named Robert Berdella Jr.  
And we will go ahead and say this…

Image result for warning graphic content gif

This episode contains some GRAPHIC CONTENT and if you are not okay with hearing that then maybe this isn’t the episode for you!

Robert was known for torture, rape and so much more for his victims… and like I said before – it gets rough.
He showed no remorse for his victims calling them “playtoys” and he didn’t care how much he hurt them he just kept doing what he wanted.
He is definitely one of the worst ones we’ve talked about.

Image result for Robert Berdella

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If you’re okay with listening to gruesome stories then listen away and see what Robert was up to for a few years before being put in the Missouri State Pen!

Brian Laundrie Autopsy Report Marriage, Hauntings, and Murder

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