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Beast of Birkenshaw

Ahhh technology.Gotta love it when it’s what you rely on for WORK and you know… having a podcast.So when my computer didn’t want to charge and the dogs kept trying to eat our microphone I got mad and said enough is enough – no… Continue Reading “Beast of Birkenshaw”

Spotlight Sunday – Richard Ramirez

Ahhhh the Night Stalker.One of the most known serial killers – and one of the craziest.When you hear him you think of many things – nasty teeth, creepy as hell, beaten in the streets.. .etc etc… but if you wanted to learn MORE about… Continue Reading “Spotlight Sunday – Richard Ramirez”

Episode 15 – She’s A Wild One

Ohhhh our first lady killer! Β And we take it BIG by starting off with Aileen Wuornos! Yep we went there because you have to go big or go home, right?! She’s sane but crazy and totally wild – come listen to what her life/death… Continue Reading “Episode 15 – She’s A Wild One”

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