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#17 – Beam Me Up or Don’t… It’s Your Call

AHHHHHH OUR FIRST CULT!!!Who knew it would take 17 episodes to get to a cult? Yet here we are.This one is one of the wildest things I have ever talked about – and I talk about A LOT OF STUFF ALL THE TIME! Enjoy… Continue Reading “#17 – Beam Me Up or Don’t… It’s Your Call”

Help Us Help You!

Are you an Author? Business Owner? Etsy Shop Owner?Do you need to promote something or want to wish someone a Happy Birthday through a True Crime podcast?!WELLLLLLLL now you can let us run ads for YOU! Find Us On Fiverr We have options for… Continue Reading “Help Us Help You!”

Join Us…. Won’t You?

We’ve been trying to think of things to call our fans but we have no idea what to call you. It’s like you want it to rhyme but maybe it doesn’t have to?But also it needs to be cool and yet make sense.GAH!So instead… Continue Reading “Join Us…. Won’t You?”

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