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Kristin Smart Update 1&2

Lately the Kristin Smart case has been a hot topic of conversation – especially in the last few months.We’ve got TWO updates for you on what’s been happening with this case from 1996! If you’d like to read and learn more about Kristin head… Continue Reading “Kristin Smart Update 1&2”

Episode 23 – The Roadside Strangler aka The Egg Man

Yes… you read that right lolThe roadside strangler AND the egg man…. all in one. But what’s even more exciting is that after over a month we are BACK bringing you awesome content, laughs, and crime.Did you miss us?! So like I was saying… Continue Reading “Episode 23 – The Roadside Strangler aka The Egg Man”

Spotlight Sunday – Ted Bundy

Welcome to our NEW Sunday blog – Spotlight Sunday!I (Ashli) am going to spotlight ONE serial killer each Sunday and share with you some of my favorite books and things to learn more about him that you can get for yourself or your true… Continue Reading “Spotlight Sunday – Ted Bundy”

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